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Willow Tree March by The Paper Kites from the album: Woodland


Willow Tree March - The Paper Kites

You weaken your love
And you hold it above your head

elementary school au where hisoka is that kid who when you ask for part of their cookie, they look you straight in the eye and lick it before giving it to you

ドブと小舟と僕らの神話(Full Ver.) by Yuuki Ozaki(from Galileo Galilei) from the album: 残響のテロル オリジナル・サウンドトラック 2 -crystalized-

Zankyou no Terror TV Series
OST 2 - Dobu to Kobune to Bokura no Shinwa
Music Composed by Yoko Kanno, Vocal Yuuki Ozaki


Chiyo and Nozaki are going to take a romantic couples’ getaway cruise so Nozaki can learn to draw ships. Chiyo and Nozaki are going to check out jewelry stores so Nozaki can get pics of different cuts of diamond rings. Chiyo and Nozaki are going to get married because Nozaki needs a firsthand ref for a wedding scene.

kirugon + pastels requested by hikui

headcanon: kurapika can’t read